photo by   J  ayson Carpenter

Bryan Darling is an editor based in Los Angeles, CA. His most recent credit, the scripted digital series HER STORY, is nominated for a 2016 Emmy. Bryan's passion lies in uncovering and sculpting stories and characters into developed narratives. He believes film, first and foremost, is a medium of communication. The key to this medium is empathy. It’s through empathy that we connect audiences to our ideas. Bryan loves creating engaging films that challenge, inform and entertain.

Bryan's feature film credits include the narrative I WANT YOUR LOVE by Travis Mathews, the docu-drama I THINK YOU'RE TOTALLY WRONG by James Franco and the documentary SEED MONEY by Mike Stabile. SEED MONEY was acquired at Cannes 2016.

When Bryan isn’t in in front of a computer, you'll find him with a camera around his neck. Bryan has a passion for human beings, travel, black & white film.

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